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Our Transparent Assessment Model

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Introducing the 'Transparency Scorecard'! At Big Cheese Books, we believe in full transparency with our reviews. One of the main issues with review services is that reviews are often dictated by subjective likes and dislikes. A reader may give a book a low rating simply because they were expecting a different kind of story, even if the story itself was amazing! That's why we've created a scorecard: we want readers and authors to understand why we gave a book the rating that we did.

The scorecard is comprised of four sections:

  • Story Structure

  • Style/Tone

  • Grammar/Spelling

  • Design/Formatting

While each of these sections impacts the reader experience, we weigh the story structure section twice as heavily. Though there are books that break the rules of story structure/grammar and are fantastic, most books need to have a few things for readers to really enjoy it: a compelling incident to start the character on their journey, meaningful conflict driven by a pressing need the character has, and a strong conclusion that resolves any lingering loose ends.

You can view a blank template for the scorecard here:

.Want to see the scorecard in action? Check out one of our reviews by clicking here.

Still have questions? Subscribe to get a copy of our 'Comprehensive Submission Guide' and start your submission today.

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