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"A community of independent authors and readers promoting empowerment, quality, and accessibility in independent publishing."

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In the Library

The Big Cheese Difference



We see that traditional publishing is flawed and isn’t keeping up with the new ways creators are successfully engaging with their audiences in other industries (Spotify, YouTube)



We anticipate that readers and creators will benefit from changes to the publishing industry, so long as quality and reader experience are prioritized



We're adapting to a changing market by creating a community of likeminded readers and writers dedicated to quality storytelling in independent publishing

Big Cheese of the Month

Introducing Neil Peter Christy

Our first featured author is an advertising maverick who turned his love of advertising into an edge-of-your seat revenge story between a New York city executive and his murderous boss,

If you like corporate thrillers, John Grisham, strong female characters, and vicarious revenge, click below to learn more.

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